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These pictures give you an idea of the variety and scope of projects I have completed. Projects are divided into tiers. Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.  No project or space is too small or too large. You just need vision and motivation. People say I have vision and I am fearless when it comes to projects.  I love to organize and I love happy clients...Contact GGO for your before your next project.

Tier 2: Closet Shelving Installed and Organized. 

"You are so handy with power tools? Not many female organizers  could do what you do"

Tier 3: House Cosmetic Remodel, Paint, Stage and Sale

Fence & Shop Design Project

Tier 3: Design, Organize and build Fence, Wall and Shop Design Project

Tier 3: Before & After Land Cruiser  Restoration Project

Organized by Golden Genie Organizing. Restored by Renown Auto Restoration in San Antonio,TX. 

"You made this restoration project so much easier. You are organized and diligent"

Tier 3: Home Painted, Decluttered, Organized and Staged for Sale

Tier 1: Very Simple Linen Closet Declutter and Organize. Use What You Have.  

Taking a Break!

Tier 3: Walk-in Closet. Paint, Shelving Designed and Built, Declutter and Organize. 

" I love with my closet and cabinets"

Tier 2: Pantry and Office Shelving Installed

Just a Better Way to Organize a First -Aid Kit 

" I could never find a band-aid when I needed it"  

A Shed with a Little More Organized Space

..."You did not hesitate, you just walked in and started organizing"

Tier 1: Community Center Supply Closet Nicely Organized for Community Members

"Our pantry looks so nice with all the labels... I can find everything I need without any more digging"

Tier 1: Before and After Chef's Pantry: 

"This pantry looks great! This pantry is ready for a meal. You are so good at what you do!" 

Tier 2: Entire Garage Wall of Clean White Floor to Ceiling Cabinets Installed 

"I am just in love with my clean, white garage cabinets"

Dont Stress Over Clutter or Life's Major Events! Contact GGO for assistance... 

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