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Questions and Tips... 

  • If you like do bugs and critters. Plastic can create dampness in humid areas. Know your storage and the timeline of the storage . Quilts and Photos are extra sensitive items to those conditions. 

  • Do you and your family have a plan in an emergency? If your family were to evacuate, what would you take with you? Are your important items organized today? Do you plan for your animals too?

  • How do you feel when you see home improvement shows or magazines? Excited or depressed?

  • Do you pay your bills on time or must you be reminded with late fees? Try to keep bills out of the kitchen and dining table which can cause more stress. 

  • Are you a procrastinator and does clutter make you feel stressed?

  • How much money and time could you or your company save by being organized?

  •  Organizing Day... Rest the night before, eat breakfast, don't pre-clean, and wear comfortable clothes & shoes, and have a plan. 

  • Less than 10 minutes each day (8 is best) of the smallest organizing projects will get you and your home or business in top top shape. Ex: Clean the Junk Drawer, clean under the kitchen sink, clearing desk of junk mail etc. 

  • First impressions to an employer that you are organized can result in a promotion. First impression to your customer that you are not organized could result in the loss of a sale.

  • A clean and organized house for sale is more appealing to a buyer and sells easier. No one wants to buy or live in a messy house.  

  • Take pictures when your home and yard look their best. You can use those pictures in the future when you sell your home. 

  • Use boxes for temporary storage until you find the storage bin you love and can afford. Carry a tape measure and a copy of storage measurements in your car or purse or on your phone. You will be prepared when you see that perfect bin or storage solution. 

  • Use your smart phone for moving like pictures of wrapped items or wiring item reminders. 

  • How long does an organizing project take? A basic two car garage for example can take anywhere from

  • 8-16 hours depending on the space, the storage, the treasures inside the space, & if the client walks down memory lane. Do you have storage shelves? Do you need to have storage installed? Not all garages are treated equal even though they usually have three walls and a roll up door. 

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